boyzillian in houston texas

Women's body waxing

Service Price
Brazilian* (4-7 weeks of growth) $65
Brazilian* (1st time waxing or 8+ weeks of growth) $70
Brazilian Plus* $80
Basic Bikini $40
Extended Bikini $50
Glutes $35
Full Leg $65
Half Leg $50
Full Arm $50
Half Arm $35
Underarm $20
Women’s Full Back $60
Women’s Lower Back $30
Women’s Full Stomach & Chest $55
Women’s Lower Stomach $25
Women’s Breast + Nipple $25
*Full Brazilian Includes Belly & Back Strip
Landing Strip Is Optional
Facials In Houston

Women's Facial Waxing

Service Price
Brow Design $20
Lip $10
Chin $15
Cheeks $10
Nose $15
Face (sides) $10
Full Face (with brow) $60
Full Face (no brow) $45
Brozilian Houston men wax

Men's Waxing Services

Service Price
Men’s Brozilian (1st time or  8+ weeks of growth) $85
Men’s Brozilian (general maintenace of 4-8 weeks) $75
Men’s Bikini $50
Men’s Glutes $55
Men’s Chest + Stomach $70
Men’s Back $65
Men’s Full Leg $70
Men’s Half Leg $60
Men’s Full Arm $65
Men’s Half Arm $50
Men’s Underarm $25
Men’s Brow Cleanup $20
Brozilian Houston men wax
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facial treatments


Skinchology Facial (signature customized facial)$95
Express Facial (basic lunchtime facial)$65
The Works Facial (ultimate hydration facial)$135
The Vegan Facial (specialty facial)$115
Dermaplane Facial$155
Light Chemical Peel (case by case basis)$65
Brazilian Wax in Houston

Body Treatments

Service Price
Vulvacial (popularly known as Vajacial) $75
Vulvacial Plus (with Chemical Peel) $95
Vulvacial w/ Brazilian $140
Bikini Ingrown Hair Removal $30
Back-acne Facial $95
Buttocks-acne Treatment $75
Inner-thigh Treatment $75
Brazilian Wax in Houston
Ingrown hair removal in Houston

Makeup & Tinting Services

Service Price
In-Studio Makeup Application $95
On-Location Makeup Application (call to book) $125+
Wedding Makeup Application (call to book) Prices Vary
Brow Tinting Only* $20
Lash Tinting Only* $30
Brow & Lash Tinting* $50
*Tinting Services Are Add-On Services Only
Brazilan Wax Houston

Skinchology Packages

Service Price
Women’s Vulvacial Package (4) $280
Skinchology Facial Package (4) $360
Women’s Full Leg w/ Brazilian Package (4) $500
Women’s Half Leg w/ Brazilian Package (4) $440
Women’s Brazilian Package (4) $260
Men’s Brozilian Package (4) $280
Brazilan Wax Houston